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I take all of my B12 after breakfast. I take 400mcg of folate and 4000mcg of methylcobalamin and 4000mcg of adenosylcobalamin. The folate I just swallow, the 2 forms of B12 I take as sublingual tablets; I place them along my gum line on both sides of my lower jaw between my gums and cheek, and let them dissolve until they are gone, it takes a little over an hour. This works for me. The methylB12 I use is Enzymatic Therapy B12 Infusion off Amazon.

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Conor says

Molly – which adenosyl b12 do you use?


Molly could you explain to me why you take two types of B-12. And what does the folate do? I take methylcobalmin lozenges and Methy B-12 shots, But if I can improve on that I would like too


I use Dibencozide, by Source Naturals. I read that adenosylcobalamin is preferred by the mitochondria, so I use both forms. I use half a tablet per day because the dose is nice and high at 8.6mg.

Just so you know, I am still working on my low B12 issues, they are not fully resolved. I hope they will be, but I don’t know; they are at least improved so it’s possible that I need more than I am taking.


Ack, I forgot to add this, it’s from another commenter here, John Macgregor: “…methyl adenosyl B12 are crucial to the methylation system, but often can’t work well without cofactors such as each other, methylfolate carnitine (which crank up ATP).” Adenosylcobalamin Catalyzes Nitrous Oxide http://www.hy-ls.org/index.php/hyls/article/download/92/92-325-1-PB.pdf

Another good reason to use adoB12 with (simultaneously) methylB12. Best wishes to all in their healing journey.


Kathy from Maine says

Great article! As I was reading, a pop-up displayed offering a free eBook on Vitamin B12 deficiency. I clicked on it, but got the message the page wouldn’t display. I’ve tried several times, even shutting down my computer and starting it again, and I get the same thing. Is the link broken?


Asif Khan says

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Oregon Ducks Football Recruiting: Early look at SNL visitor list


VIP A Few thoughts on OU as they head to Big 12 Media Days

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Former Sooner running back striped top Black Loveless Cost Cheap Price Buy Cheap Brand New Unisex Low Price Fee Shipping Cheap Price Free Shipping Affordable Outlet Store Online YfLlazui
dropped a bombshell Friday when he announced his plans to retire from the game of football. This, of course, came just a day or two after he was rumored to have visited with multiple teams about playing for them.

“I’ve decided to retire from the game of football,” Murray said. “It’s been great. It’s been a great seven years in my career. I’ve been very blessed to have had the coaching staffs and the players and teammates that I’ve been fortunate enough to play with for the last seven years of my career. And it’s been a long time thinking the last year or two, and physically, mentally and emotionally I think it’s time for me to hang it up, as hard as it is. Just like I said, the fans have been great. [I’ve] had a lot of great games and a lot of great teammates, so it’s bittersweet, but I think for me it’s the right timing for myself and my family moving forward.”

In light of it, OUInsider.com now presents the 10 things to appreciate about Murray.

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The recruiting story

traveled to Bishop Gorman High School to look at linebacker , and as he was preparing to watch Reynolds go through a weight room workout, he found another guy he’d heard some about from longtime assistant and then-running backs coach . That other guy was Murray, who made Stoops’ jaw drop when he pulled off an incredible behind the backboard, off the wall, 360 dunk during basketball practice. Stoops wouldn’t wait any longer, extending an official offer on the spot, telling then-Bishop Gorman head coach “I know we’ve offered him by now, haven’t we?”

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Murray pulls the hat trick

Just as the moment he picked up an official OU offer included some flare and dramatics, so too, did the moment he chose the Sooners. Murray, down to just a pair of schools in OU and USC, made his announcement on live television on NBC at the U.S. Army All-American Game. With a Sooner and Trojans hat on the table, he first picked up the Cardinal and Gold cap, then put it back down and picked up and put on the Crimson and Cream hat. “I choose The University of…Oklahoma!” Murray said. Stoops and the Sooners lost to and the Trojans a year before in the National Championship, but they won this recruiting battle.

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Career all-purpose yards leader

No one has ever accumulated more yardage throughout his career than No. 7. Murray racked up 6,718 yards during his career from 2007 to 2010. So he averaged more than 1,670 yards per season. That included 3,685 rushing yards, 1,571 receiving yards and another 1,462 yards in the return game. He netted 6.93 yards per play while amassing 969 touches in his storied career. Murray truly was potent in all phases, running downhill, catching passes out of the backfield and returning kicks. The all-time numbers speak to that explosiveness any time he touched the ball in a variety of ways.

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His importance magnified by ruptured hamstring in 2008 Big 12 Title Game

Murray was a critical component of the most explosive offense in college football history, as the Sooners put up 60-or-more points in a record five straight games, and everyone would see just how critical of a loss he was when he tore his hamstring on the opening kickoff in the Big 12 Championship against Missouri. The Sooners would win that game going away, 62-21, but it would have lasting implications. Murray didn’t play in the BCS National Championship Game against Florida, which turned into a devastating 24-14 loss down on South Beach. The Sooners haven’t returned to a National Title game since.

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Second on single-season all-purpose yards list

During that unbelievable 2008 campaign, Murray lit it up in a variety of ways. In fact, his 2,171 all-purpose yards ranked as the best in program history at the time until surpassed it in 2016 with 2,331. Murray accounted for the total while rushing for 1,002 yards, racking up 774 yards on kickoff returns and another 395 in the receiving game. He was a part of 239 plays and averaged 9.08 yards per touch that season. The former Sooner back also owns OU’s fifth-best all-purpose yardage mark, with 2,057 in 2010, including 1,214 rushing, 594 receiving and 249 returning.

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Dallas Cowboys single-season rushing leader

Not only did Murray do it at an elite level in the college game, but of course he did it at an elite level in the National Football League as well. During the 2014 season, Murray won the NFL rushing title while running for a Cowboys single-season record 1,845 yards. That broke the franchise’s single-season mark set by former great Emmitt Smith, who previously held it with 1,773 back in 1995. It also earned him Offensive Player of the Year honors. Including that season, he ranks sixth in Cowboys history with 4,526 yards with the team, and his 28 rushing touchdowns ranks eighth in franchise history. Just another great Sooner to stand out in the League.

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Excellence in the return game

It’s been well documented by a lot of the other stats, but Murray was magnificent in the kickoff return department. So magnificent, he ranked as the fourth-best ever at OU in OUInsider.com’s recent list of best kick returners. He averaged 27.6 yards per return, which ranks first in program history. He finished with 1,462 total return yards, which ranks second all-time at OU only to Juaquin Iglesias’ 1,664. Murray returned a total of 53 kicks throughout his career, scoring a pair of touchdowns, one of which served as a 91-yard burst against Baylor in a 52-21 thrashing during the 2007 season.

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Tied AD’s freshman TD record, set debut TD record

Any time you’re in the same sentence as , you’re in pretty good company. Peterson accounted for 15 touchdowns his first year in 2004, and Murray matched that his first active season in 2007, with 13 rushing scores and two touchdown catches. Additionally, only two freshmen in the history of Oklahoma football have ever rushed for five touchdowns. Only one of those two did so in his first game, and that’s Murray against North Texas in 2007. also achieved the feat when he set the single-game rushing record on a rainy day against Kansas in 2014. These are two amazing records Murray set in his first season.

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Leads Sooners in career touchdowns

Steve Owens led OU for 41 years with his career TD record. Murray finally put an end to that his final season when he eclipsed the 57-score mark Owens mounted back from 1967-69, adding eight more on top of that to finish with 65 total touchdowns. That included 50 rushing touchdowns, 13 receiving touchdowns and a pair of special teams scores. Murray reached pay dirt 17 times as a freshman, 14 as a sophomore, 12 as a junior and a career-high 20 as a senior in 2010. The great back lived in the end zone for the Sooners more than anyone else in history.

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Success off the field


We can look at all the accolades on the field—and there were many, as evidenced by the previous information presented—but Murray also got it done off the field in addition to between the lines. Three times throughout his career he earned some sort of Academic All-Big 12 mention. As a freshman in 2007, Murray was named First Team Academic All-Big 12. As a sophomore in 2008 on OU’s powerful squad, he did the same, also garnering ESPN the Magazine Academic All-American honors. His third season he was a Second Team Academic All-Big 12 mention. He was great in the classroom as well, defining student-athlete.

By Joey Helmer

NORMAN, Okla. — The Oklahoma Sooners are making a return to the national stage. They’ve advanced to the College Football Playoff two of the past three seasons, winning a Sugar Bowl in the other. There’s an incredible wave of momentum, and look no further than future Sooners’ performances at The Opening recently and their corresponding recruiting rankings bumps Thursday to see it.

Plasma vitamin B-12 concentrations plateaued at intakes >10 μ g/d in the Framingham Offspring Study. This is consistent with earlier observations by Chanarin (19) who summarized studies that measured vitamin B-12 absorption from radioactively labeled aqueous solutions and foods. Although >70% of the vitamin is absorbed when intake is in the range of 0.1–0.5 μ g, the ileal receptors for the vitamin B-12–intrinsic factor complex become saturated with higher intakes such that absorption falls to ≈50% of a 1- μ g dose, 15% of a 10- μ g dose, and 3% of a 25–50- μ g dose ( Figure 1 ). The maximum amount that can be absorbed from a 5–50- μ g single dose is 1.5 μ g. Above 25 μ g, only 1% of a dose is absorbed, by passive diffusion, which explains why the relative increase in serum vitamin B-12 is related to the log of the dose. In healthy Danish women, serum vitamin B-12 and other vitamin B-12 status indicators appeared to plateau at an intake (from food + supplements) >6 μ g/d ( 20 ), but in part this is expected because of the lower efficiency of absorption of the vitamin at higher intakes.

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The efficiency of absorption of a single oral dose of vitamin B-12 across a range of intakes. Based on data from reference 19 .

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The efficiency of absorption of a single oral dose of vitamin B-12 across a range of intakes. Based on data from reference 19 .

Malabsorption of vitamin B-12 from food is the main cause of deficiency in the elderly and explains why depletion occurs with aging. The condition is caused by atrophy of the gastric mucosa and the gradual loss of gastric acid, which releases the vitamin from food. In its early stages, gastric inflammation and elevated serum gastrin concentrations are common. In elderly persons in the Framingham Offspring Study, 24% of those aged 60–69 y and 37% of those aged ≥80 y had elevated serum gastrin ( 21 ). Likewise, in the SALSA Study, serum gastrin was elevated in 48% of the elderly participants with deficient plasma vitamin B-12 values, in 23% of those with marginal concentrations, and in 21% of those with normal status; overall, these concentrations were inversely correlated with plasma vitamin B-12 ( 6 ).

Food-bound cobalamin malabsorption is diagnosed when an individual has normal absorption of crystalline vitamin B-12 using a Schilling test, no antibodies to intrinsic factor or other tests positive for pernicious anemia (which is defined as vitamin B-12 malabsorption due to loss of gastric intrinsic factor secretion), and no acid-suppressing medications or gastric surgery but impaired absorption of the vitamin when administered bound to egg or chicken serum ( 22 ). Because a normal Schilling test also means that intrinsic factor secretion and function are normal, reabsorption of biliary vitamin B-12 is maintained and depletion of the vitamin will progress slowly, over years. Importantly, however, a longitudinal study revealed that serum vitamin B-12 declined between ages 70–81 y in elderly Swedish men, and for reasons not understood, the decline was most evident in those with lower serum values initially ( 23 ). It seems reasonable to assume that entering later life with low stores of the vitamin for whatever reason, including low dietary intake, would increase the risk that deficiency would result from chronic food cobalamin malabsorption.